Monday, September 21, 2009

My Licentiate Part II

I am so, so happy! I have just become the first person IN THE WORLD to complete my licentiate in singing through Rockschool in the UK. I worked my rear off, every day, for months and months on end, choosing the songs, trekking through to Pretoria to rehearse with Ina, and then rehearsing for hours in front of a mirror. There is no greater feeling then when you know you've worked hard and it pays off. I would encourage anybody to do it - it really does make life worth living.

Thanks again to Moira Schafer, who was the first teacher to congratulate me - what a treasure she is. My life is the richer for her having been in it.

Musica, grata Deo.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dr Sibongile Khumalo

I had the most wonderful opprtunity to meet Sibongile Khumalo at Moshito, the annual music conference in Johannesburg. What a treasure - and what a humble woman. She talked about her father's influence that brought her into music, and how she spoke of him when she accepted her honourary doctorate from Rhodes.

I am the richer for having met her - and I am a total fan!