Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finding My Own Voice

Today is my birthday! I'm very excited because I'm launching my new album tonight - just a little party with some friends, to celebrate. It's only officially released next month. I'm very pleased, after four years of hard work. It has plenty wrong with it, but at least I am getting stuff out there.

I was hanging out with a very good friend of mine, Obita, on Monday, because he cannot make tonight's launch. We spoke about a recording session with Josh, an artist who used my voice on one of his tracks. Obita says he was back in town a few weeks ago and Josh asked after me. They had a chat and then Josh said to him, "That guy has has got one of the best voices I have ever heard..." Man, I was so hugely encouraged. It took ten years to get that voice, and it may well taken another ten years before I'm making the kind of music that I will do justice to. But that's okay - as long as I don't end up being some weekend wannabe.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Time marches inexorably forward...

Come Wednesday I'll be a day older, but also a full year older. Can you believe it?

To celebrate this auspicious occasion I'm releasing my first album of solo original music. I have other original stuff out there, but this is my first solo flight, with ten original tracks. It's taken four years, and without sounding too harsh, it's an ok album - no awards, but it really is a labour of love and therefore, for me, a highly prized piece of art.

It still bothers me immensely that I'm turning 40 next year (what a BIG party & album launch that's gonna be) and I should be so much further along in my career, but I'm not. I still have so much to learn about the music industry and about making good music that people like and enjoy. I want an album with 10 crowd-pleaser tracks. But it feels like the DJs are taking over the world, man! Not that that's a bad thing... With my students at Soul Candi I am busy reworking some of my music into House tracks. It's keeping me young, and it really has been great fun.

But back to the album... It's called "Finding My Own Voice," which I should really have done by this stage of my life, right? Well, maybe this album will move me there, but I don't know if I've found my voice yet. Maybe that's because it keeps changing, and maybe that's what should happen.

As my sister says, the universe is exactly as it should be... That ever-so curious French expression comes to mind: C'est la vie...