Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Living that dream...

I have been battling to get my Christmas album into stores this year. A whole bunch of people promised me that they would help me (some big name stores), and they have all let me down. It has discouraged me, and I have been feeling quite down about it.

But then I did a Facebook update about the album, and my cousin, whom I haven't spoken to for ages, sent me a message that said this:

....Awesome! Congrats Rob!! You are living your awesome!

Suddenly I feel a lot better. I have to remember that I am indeed living my dream. It may not be easy, and I may not have achieved the levels of success I have dreamed of (yet), but I am, in fact, living my dream.

I find it foreign, and hard to believe, that so many people are too afraid to live their dreams.

I want to encourage the world, through this blog post: go live your dream. It won't necessarily make you happier, but it will give your life purpose and meaning...