Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Art of Men CD

I submitted one of my songs, "If I Could", for possible inclusion on a CD called The Art of Men. It was chosen earlier this year.

After final production and mastering, very excited that the CD is being launched at the Mint in Los Angeles on Wed 26 Aug 2009 - the day after my birthday. Sorry I can't be there, but I am there in spirit!

Also recently learned that the double CD has 35 tracks that were chosen out of 700 entries, which is so encouraging to me! Yay - it means that I'm one of the top 5%, and it is such a confidence booster...

Listened to a John Demartini talk last night here in Jo'burg - with music I know I have truly found my passion and my love. It's a joyous, liberating feeling...

For more on Art of Men please click this link:

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