Sunday, June 21, 2009

SA's REALLY Got Talent

Went & did my audition today. I realised that talent has so little to do with it, since there wasn't a single untalented person there.

Went in and met the judge - Duncan Irvine - I know him, although he doesn't remember me (just as well). "Rob Rodell?" he said. "Sounds like a very well-known name in the industry." Great. I chose my brand name well, and my brand is growing. I love it.

My chances: I reckon about 5000:1. It's not that most people that I heard there didn't deserve to go through, it's just that there's so much clutter... How do you choose 1o people from 50,000 auditions? The judges can hardly remember 50 faces, let alone 50,000.

Still, I learned a lot: I want to have more presence when I perform for total strangers... I want to be unique and different more than wanting to blend in... That's what made Susan Boyle stand out.

Chalk it up to good experience, and move on.

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