Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 3 - a new song!

YAY!!!! I've finally come up with a new song idea - so far only the melody line for the pre-chorus and chorus, but at least a new idea. Benny & Bjorn say they almost always find a melody line first, and then Bjorn goes home to work on words after. My writing style is very similar.

The song is called "No Regret" (a very Edith Piaf title). Of course we all have them, but I've realised that we cannot let our regrets consume us. Actually the idea came for the song after I watched Oprah's interview with Whitney Houston. Here's a woman who ostensibly lost a decade of her life to drugs and put her career on hold. She was on top of the world when she fell. But when Oprah interviewed her I saw a woman who is grateful for the second chance she's been given, and has decided not to let possible regret get in the way of her new beginning. So when I thought of the song, the female POWER BALLAD came to mind, and it has definite undertones of a Whitney Houston song in it - hope that doesn't make it too 80s/90s - but I also heard some of her new stuff, and it has that flavour to it. In any case, a classic is timeless, right?

So, songs to go: 49. No gigs yet, no CDs sold (actually I've just had a call from a CD shop telling us to come pick up our stock since it hasn't sold - CRY!). Well, I'll just take my burst bubble with me and march on...

Days to go: 362.

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