Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 7: No Regret...

FINALLY! I have an idea for a new song. Been working on it these past few days, and it's begun to crystallise.

I think it's something I really wanna say to the world - maybe at last I have found something I want to contribute. Here are the words:

1. 20 years from now, you and I will both be 20 years older, if we're around at all...
So when I'm 90, sitting in my rocking chair, I hope and pray that I will say,

No regret, I don't wanna be afraid anymore, no regret, no, no, no

2. I've already spent too much time living life without meaning, but that's about to change...
'Cos we were meant to fulfil our destinies, to live out our purpose, so we can say,

No regret, I'm not gonna be afraid anymore, no regret, no, no, no

I think it speaks to me - and I hope to others - about living our dreams, not just on a whim (which is also good, I feel) - but because it is our destiny to do so! I DO have regret that I didn't have the guts to do music full-time immediately after school, even though I did it part-time on the side during my studies and my first years of work. The truth is, if I have to be honest, I wasn't ready to do music straight after school - or even sure I wanted to (although I now know I have known since I was 3, maybe even younger...). And in hindsight, I first had to get the training to become really good at what I do. So I guess me feeling regret is unfair, besides which, it's such a waste of time.

But I also know two things: first, regret is a great motivator - I feel more driven than ever to catch up and succeed because I feel I wasted so much time (even though I didn't really, and even though my friend Jay at Soul Candi Music reminds me that all that we have gone through is part of the journey); second, the more I pursue my dream and love what I do, the less regret I feel, because I am finally living my purpose. That's such a wonderful feeling. I hope somebody can relate to these words, and feel inspired to live their dream. Be brave, dear friend! Life is short... You won't be sorry you lived your purpose.

Days to go: 358

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