Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 4 - of love and music

Just rediscovered a really rough copy of a song I recorded with a good friend of mine about four years ago. His name is Gerhard Bothma, and he wrote the song for his wife, whom he met after a break-up with another woman, which almost killed him. His wife saved him, and you can hear that raw emotion in his voice when he sings. I just did backing vocals, but it turned into such a nice song, I think it needs to go onto my album of originals, to be relased this year.

Anyway, it's Saturday, so today's entry will be short. I'm going to a friend's house later for a meal. She is my biggest fan (loves my voice, loves my music, loves my albums), and that's why we've become such good friends! She's just returned from holiday in New Zealand, where she was visiting her two sisters, and she took them copies of my Christmas album. Yay, so now I have international fans!

Went through a whole bunch of creative ideas I had stored up on my laptop - other rough recordings and ideas for songs that I had come up with - not sure if that's cheating... guess they're just song ideas, so if my muse is still on holiday I'll use existing ideas to spark the genius of creativity. In the interim, I'm thinking about poignant words that are meaningful to my existence (sounds so deep!), that I can maybe use as lyrics... At least the processes are in place and I'm making steady progress. I'm on the equivalent of about Recipe 3!

Days to go: 361.

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