Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 9: My BMus degree

When I left school, I opted for 4 possible study avenues: BMus (music), BA (communications), DipArch (architecture) and a BSc (town & regional planning). I eventually opted for the BA. Now, 20 years after I first started studying, I am going back to undergrad to do a Bachelor of Music degree. So far, it's been cool!

Of course, my fear is that I become so theoretical and technical about music that I never get around to playing and gigging and getting out there. I'm reminded of a musician in a little book called "Wisdom for a young musician" by Bruce Warren. This muso said he wished every day that he'd studied music, so that he could understand it better.

I'm also reminded of a scene from my favourite movie of all time, Rudy (with Sean Astin): Rudy complains that he has wasted his time trying to achieve a seemingly futile dream of playing football for the University of Notre Dame because he just doesn;t have the athletic talent for it. His boss, the grounds keeper at the stadium, tells him basically he's an idiot for being so ungrateful: not only did he get to play college football with the best team in the land, but he also got one year of top quality education from one of the best universities.

So yeah, let me not be ungrateful - I am so glad I get to do a BMus degree. Most people never have the opportunity...

Days to go: 356

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