Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 43: The 4Ps

There's a friend of mine, Greg Brest, a South African actor based in LA. He said the next time I'm there I must come and stay with him and we can hang out and chat, and he can show me more of the town. I'm sure LA will be better the second time around, with friends.

Anyway, he said it's important to remember the 4Ps of the entertainment industry (and we're not talking old-school marketing here): Perseverance. Persistence. Patience. Passion. That's great advice, because as passionate as he feels about acting, that's how I feel about singing and music.

A producer I worked with showed me a scene of Jay-Z and co. working on looking for beats for a song. They spent the whole day looking and came up with nothing. Jay-Z had this to say: "Only two things will get you through this - patience and persistence." Hey man, that's how he got the girl. I totally respect that.

Sting has this to say: "It takes a certain kind of discipline, a certain kind of mentality not just to rest on your laurels, but actually to get better at your craft." What a great musician.

Days to go: 322

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