Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 47: Me & drugs

I can't imagine Celine Dion ever snorting coke, or Josh Groban popping pills. Maybe they do, I just cannot conceive it.

My business colleague Jayson says I'm the only musician he knows who has never taken drugs (I'm not sure if sniffing poppers counts - I did it once, it gave me a massive headache and I kept thinking, "My God I've just lost 10,000 brain cells!"). He feels I'm missing out on some psychedelic music experiences which would make me a more authentic artist and would enhance my songwriting, which I confessed to him I think is average (though I have every intention of improving that).

Anyway, I told him I already have enough vices, one of which is food, so I'm not sure I wanna get all high. I'm actually terrified that if I open that door I won't be able to close it again... So maybe I should just stay the squarest musician on the planet. I have had to make peace with the fact that I'm not a hard-core rocker anyway. I couldn't imagine myself riding a phallus on stage like Mick Jagger. Maybe I need to get more outrageous.

Days to go: 318

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