Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 44: Fortysomething

My sister turns 40 today in two weeks. I'm not that far behind, and with the Hollywood Size 0 mentality inculcating our perceptions of the world, it's easy to think that at 40 I'd be a has-been, or worse, a never-was. But I'm reminded of one of Tina Turner's backing singers, who was interviewed during a DVD about Tina's 60th birthday party.

This is what she said: "The music industry tends to think that if you're over 21, you're over the hill. Around 38, 40, that's when you really start singing, and everything before then has been a rehearsal." Wise woman.

Sting said something on the same DVD, and it seems appropriate to include it here, since I wrote about him yesterday: "As you get older you should get better. She's definitely one of those people - a role model for all of us." Wise man.

I'll be bringing out an album next year I'm calling Fortysomething. It'll tie in with a huge party I'm having for my birthday, which will double as an album launch. I couldn't think of a better way to live it up.

Days to go: 321

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