Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 36: Prodigal Brat: This One's For God

This post is gonna seem totally irreverent. I was a member of the International Churches of Christ for about 12 years, and I was heavily involved in the music ministry. I eventually left because the music ministry frustrated me and because I couldn't get a handle on my "sin."

Truth is, I don't know that I will ever understand this sick social experiment that God calls Christianity. Not to take anything away from Jesus - he's a cool guy, as is God (or being, if you will) - but I just find it so hard to live by the constraints that God has put in place - if that really is the truth and the reality, and not just a Roman Catholic myth. It always feels to me like God is saying we should run the 100 metre sprint in under 10 seconds, but first he cuts our hamstrings and then tells us to do it. If we are living in a fallen world, it's too hard to not be fallen.

That having been said, I always knew I had one "gospel" album in me, which is my flawed act of worship. It is what it is, filled with strange songs in different genres, and the only thing tying them all together is this one thing: God.

Well, if there is a hell maybe I'll be burning in it, but I really don't understand why an omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent God would create a world that is not as it should be. No sorry, free will is not an answer, and neither is faith (since mine is broken). No, if God is the God of the Bible, then he'll have to perform a miracle to get me back on track. I like to think he's much broader-minded than that, and a really good guy after all.

Prodigal Brat is one of my album projects this year, a mix of covers and originals.

Days to go: 329

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