Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 32: Of Gospel Choirs & Studio Time

Today I went into studio with a gospel choir and helped just a bit with their sound as they recorded a demo. Gospel is the biggest selling genre of music in SA (South Africa), so all the peeps there believe it will sell uber well. I'm sure they will - what a nice bunch of people!

After that, I went and taught a singing student - the only student whose home I go to, to teach, since he stuffs me with tea and biscuits and sandwiches and it's practically a 5-course meal whenever I go there! I'm glad to see he's in better spirits - last week he was feeling so sorry for himself till his wife told him to snap out of it! I agree. I love self-pity, but it's like regret: it's such a waste of time...

When I got back home I had another student for 2 hours! He was wasted by the time we finished, but I felt my voice had gotten a great workout. That's why I love teaching singing: the students pay me to practice! Thanks guys.

Days to go: 333

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